Elation Professional - Sniper 2R

Impact, Accuracy and Speed...Introducing the Sniper 2R from Elation Professional.

The Sniper 2R is a revolutionary new hybrid effects projector, scanner and laser simulator which features new lamp technology, the MSD Platinum 2R lamp at 132 Watts/6,000 hours. Capable of producing powerful and precise beam and laser like effects - including liquid sky, laser wave and laser cones all a speeds never seen before.

The main functions include X/Y scan and Z rotation mirror system, 3 facet rotating prism, variable speed shutter, dimmer, strobe, 14 dichroic colors, 17 static including beam reduction gobos, 5pin DMX and powerCON inputs and outputs.

Press Release

Sniper 2R Light Show 2014 Demo

Sniper 2R Light Show 2015 Demo

over 5 years agoSeptember 13, 2014

over 5 years agoSeptember 16, 2014
Please can you give me a price on this unit
Amit Peleg
over 5 years agoSeptember 18, 2014
Did anybody give you a price on this? Feel free to email me directly for that at ap@peltrix.com.
over 5 years agoSeptember 16, 2014
This light is AMAZING!!!!!!  Its gonna take elation as company to a whole new level. Super stoked to play with one soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Awesome Audio
over 5 years agoSeptember 16, 2014
Great to see more non led lights coming back. This is truly Awesome
larry jamerson
over 5 years agoSeptember 16, 2014
where are they available ? 
over 5 years agoOctober 9, 2014
You can find them at http://www.pssl.com/Elation-Sniper-2R-Beam-Laser-and-Effect-Light
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